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Welcome one and all to our pig pen on the hill! It is our pleasure to introduce our pigs as well as ourselves to you and your family! We hope that we can bring you insight into the world of mini pigs as it is our #1 goal to provide you with education, truths, as well as the cons of mini pig ownership, as a pet pig is not for everyone.  We hope to be your one stop shop for everything mini pig and we hope you fall as madly in love with our pigs as we are!




Apart from being a member of the American Mini Pig Association, Stacey Davenport has worked closely with the founders of the association since brainstorming the idea of making it a reality. She has written many articles, blogs, and worked closely within all committees.


She is co-chair of the Marketing & Media Committee, as well as sitting on other various committees within the association. Apart from co-chair, she currently sits on the Board of Advisors for Education as well as sitting on the Board of Advisors for Rescue.


In her free time she also manages various social media accounts for the association.

We are a small scale breeder located in Cadiz, Ky with over 8 years of experience in owning and breeding miniature pigs. We place a high priority on providing a safe, healthy, clean and sanitary living environment for all of our babies! Our pigs will never be misused or abused. We are honest about who we are and about the qualities of our babies. Everything we do is for the benefit of our pigs, so as to fully respect the serious responsibility and pleasure it is to have them in our care. We strive to produce the highest quality pets possible. We also strive to find and place our pigs in a loving home for lifelong companionship. We believe in quality and not quantity. We hope to establish and maintain excellent relationships with new pig owners for the life of the pig and beyond!


We are proud to say that we are the FIRST registered breeder with the American Mini Pig Association (AMPA) and are held to a high standard of breeding and strict code of ethics. We are able to say that not only were we the first breeder registered with AMPA, we also have the first two pigs registered and the FIRST litter born into the registry! We are also one of only two breeders in the state of Kentucky that have registered breeding stock with the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR).


We take great pride in our pigs as we breed for conformation, health, size, and personality. Our babies are the sweetest, most loving, and spoiled pigs around! Our pigs are never over or underfeed to ensure they are in top shape and healthy as possible. When choosing to purchase from us, you are not alone in your experiences. Our home and lines of communication are always open for questions, concerns, or advice ever you may need us for the life of the pig and beyond!

You can learn more about what the AMPA has to say about us HERE