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So you’ve entertained the idea of adding a mini pig to your family, but do you know if it will be the right fit? Mini pigs are unlike the traditional choice of pets, such as a cat or dog. They require daily interactions and are similar to living with a toddler for up to 12 years or longer. Unfortunately, mini pigs aren't always a good fit. If you are wondering if a mini pig is the right pet for you, we have a few pros and cons of ownership that may be beneficial to your decision.




  • Mini pigs are extremely intelligent animals, in fact, they are the 4th smartest animal on the planet and considered to have an intelligence of a 3-year-old child. However, their level of intelligence can get them into trouble if they do not have the proper attention and stimulation to keep them busy. A bored mini pig can become destructive if left to their own devices. Mini pigs are much like living with a toddler, they are creatures of habit and require routine/schedules along with positive reinforcements for good and wanted behavior.



  • Mini pigs are naturally clean animals and prefer to be clean contrary to popular belief. They can be bathed with products for babies and sensitive skin. However, not all pigs will love bath time, they may scream, poop, or try to escape.


  • Mini Pigs are emotional and sensitive animal, as they are so incredibly easy to love. They can be very cuddlesome and even sleep in bed with you like a dog or cat, however as pig’s hooves can be sharp, they can cause bruising of your legs if stepped on.


  • Mini pigs can bond profoundly with members of the family; they can become easily depressed or develop behaviors when left alone for long periods of time or the family travels on vacation. Having a pig will bring lots of attention from family and friends wanting to meet and play with your new pig, but when it comes to vacationing or getaways, it is often hard to find appropriate boarding.


  • Mini pigs are easily spoiled as they are unlike any other pet, however a spoiled pig can be very pushy and difficult to handle as they always get their way and learn to manipulate members of the family if they do not have constant guidance.


  • Many aspects of mini pig maintenance can be done at home such as regular hoof trims, bathing, and routine worming. However, it is sometimes hard to find a veterinarian with proper experience and knowledge should a health issue or emergency arise.


  • Mini pigs can be potty trained to litter boxes, potty pads, indoor potty patch areas, or even outdoors (most prefer this method). However, materials such as cat litter, cedar, and wood burning chips are not appropriate litter choices and are harmful to their health. Mini pigs who use litter boxes will require their constant litter changes, they require multiple litter boxes throughout their life as they grow, and your mini pig may make messes with litter as they sometimes root it out of their boxes.


  • Mini pigs can make great indoor pets, as they enjoy being indoors and with their “herd” (that’s you!). However, even if you plan on having your mini pig be primarily indoors, they still need their own space outdoor to have access to sunlight and even root as it is a natural behavior. Their area should be placed where you don’t mind grass not growing or rooting isn’t an issue. Apartments and rental property are not ideal for families wanting to own a pig.


  • Mini pigs are considered hypoallergenic as they have hair instead of fur, however, some people with severe allergies have had reactions to their hair. A mini pig’s hair is course and as they do not shed like a dog, they do lose all of their hair one to two times a year. This is known as “blowing their coat”.