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The most common misconception about teacup and micro pigs is that they stay extremely small throughout their life. There are many unethical breeders out there using misleading terms such as teacup, micro, pixie, etc in hopes to lure uneducated buyers with the promise of the infamous "20 lb pig". Buyers beware! Terms such as these are not a breed or breed standard, nor do they guarantee small pigs. Since piglets can become sexual mature as young as 12 weeks of age, some breeders use this to their advantage while breeding underage pigs, claiming inaccurate age and a smaller size.  Avoid breeders and sellers who claim their "micro" pigs will remain tiny throughout their lifespan. This is sure signs of a scam. There is no documented proof of a fully mature adult pig weighing 20 or even 35 lbs because they simply do not exsist.
Miniature pigs are very short, compact and dense animals similar to an English Bulldog.  They hide their weight very well, and oftentimes weight double what they appear. Although a pig's growth plates fuse between the ages of 2 and 3, they do not reach maturity until 5 years of age and shouldn’t be considered fully grown until then. Adult mini pigs typically weigh 50+ lbs and stand anywhere from 15-20+ inches tall. Although they do not remain teacup in size, adult mini pigs are nonetheless always smaller than their cousins and other domestic pig breeds. A pig’s final size (height & length) is determined by GENETICS, not feeding. With holding fed WILL NOT keep a pig small. Overfeeding WILL lead to obesity and underfeeding WILL lead to malnutrition, both can and will lead to serious health risks and possible death. Below are photos that will help you better to visualize size these beloved pet pigs!



3 Day Old Piglet


Weight: 1.5 lbs


Height: 4 inches



12 Week Old Piglet


Weight: 8 lbs


Height: 8 inches



1 Year Old Juvenile Pig


Weight: 27 lbs


Height: 12 inches



1.5 Year Old Juvenile Pig


Weight: 30 lbs


Height: 12 inches



2 Year Old Young Adult Pig


Weight: 43 lbs


Height: 13 inches



5 Year Old Mature Adult Pig


Weight: 57 lbs


Height: 14 inches



5 Year Old Mature Adult Pig


Weight: 69 lbs


Height: 14 inches



How Big Will My Pig Be When Full Grown?

As ethical and respected breeders, we focus on height rather than weight, because weight is based on diet, portion, environment and overall activity level. We do not give weight estimates or guarantees whatsoever. Just as a medical doctor is unable to determine a baby’s weight at adulthood, the same holds true for breeders and piglets. Skeletal size or height and length of your pig is determined by genetics, and diet determines a pig’s weight. Just as any other animal or human, overeating ALWAYS leads to obesity, and undereating leads to malnutrition. Fat layers can add extra inches in your pig’s height if your pig is overweight, and underfeeding will not keep a pig smaller than it is genetically destined to become.    

Our pig's average mature size is 15-16 inches in height, however we never guarantee size. We know the backgrounds of all of our pigs and we have multiple generations and family here on the farm to know a better certainty of size without line or inbreeding. In order for our pigs to be registered, we are required to send proof of height and ages to the associations and registries we take part in. We have all of the dated measurement photos of each pig on our website and facebook page for your viewing pleasure and requests.

Below is a photo comparison of littermates at one year of age to show how much an improper diet can affect the overall size and weight of your pig. Both pigs pictured below are offspring produced here on our farm. The pig pictured to the left is one of our house pigs who eats a proper diet of measured portions of pig pellets, healthy snacks, and grazing. The photo to the right show his littermate/brother who was overfed with a diet that consisted of table food, sugary treats, and improper portions of pig pellets. Both males were neutered at 7 weeks of age, and were the same size as piglets.